How You Can Use The P.I.L.O.T. Your Way Process


P: Practicing Presence. Distractions and interruptions are common place, the practice of coming back to your  wholeness in each new moment gently guides you back to your Truth.

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I: The most powerful way to live your life is from a place of Intention, YOUR Sacred Intention.

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L: Laugh, Listen, Love Genuine humor is  powerful therapy. Listen with your 3rd Ear (Your HEART). Merge with the vibration of Love in all you do, say and feel.

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O: Observation is the ability to see clearly and notice what is actually there, completely free of judgement and attachment.

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T: Tools. Learn and choose your tools wisely, they are for your support and giving of life so that you thrive not just survive.

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How To Work With Me

The 4 Core Coaching Programs
Yogilachi & Healthy Living Lab Series
Peace Doesn't Come In a Pill aka PILOT Your Way
C4 Mastery
Your Center Stage

Office Hours 

  • Monday6:30PM - 9:30PM
  • Tuesday1:30PM - 9:30PM
  • Wednesday1:30PM - 4:30PM
  • Thursday5:00AM - 8:00AM and 6:30-9:30PM
  • Friday5:00AM-8:00AM
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

Note: Times are Pacific Standard Time as I work globally I have established a variety of times to accommodate all of my clients worldwide

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Private and Group Coaching With Stephana

Yogilachi: Healthy Living Laboratory

Yogilachi: Healthy Living Laboratory

3 -6 months training program
  • Weekly Live Private Coaching Sessions
  • Daily Training Modules
  • Positive Support, Feedback and Accountability

$ /3 Months

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C4 Mastery

C4 Mastery

6 Month Group Coaching Program
  • Clarity (your business, offerings, packages, marketing, PR, branding)
  • Confidence (in speaking, sharing and getting out there in the public arena)
  • Credibility (delivering stellar results, PR, articles published, success stories)
  • Celebrity (celebrating the wins, momentum and expansion)
  • Live Q & A Calls, Live Training, Weekly Training Modules
  • Accountability
  • Feedback and Support Forum

$ /6 Months

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Your Center Stage

Your Center Stage

1 Year Private Coaching Program
  • VIP Day Launch
  • Twice Weekly Private Coaching Sessions
  • Weekly Accuntability
  • Exclusive access and training of all programs and products.

$ /1 Years

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The Best Way To Control Your Destiny Is To Know Your Destiny.

Stephana Speaks weekly radio and video shows.

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